Vivek is a Ph.D. candidate in the Food Systems PRISM Lab at UBC Okanagan. He has a background in mechanical engineering and completed his Master’s in Environmental and Resource Management from the Brandenburg Technical University in Germany. Vivek’s Ph.D. project is primarily focused on the development of the National Environmental Sustainability and Technology (NESTT) tool. NESTT is an online, life cycle-based platform that is designed to drive sustainability measurement and management at Canadian egg farms. In addition, Vivek is involved in other egg-industry projects such as analyzing the sustainability implication of extending Canadian lay cycle lengths and sustainability assessment of the US egg industry. He has also led or been part of Life Cycle Assessment projects related to tea, beans, and soy (ongoing) industries. As part of his Ph.D., Vivek has so far published 5 papers (3 as first author), presented in over 10 national and international conferences, co-authored 2 industry reports, and co-authored 2 successful grant applications worth ~$180,000. Outside work, Vivek spends most of his time on sports – whether that is trying to get his pool Fargo-rating above 500 or supporting his beloved Arsenal who are fighting to win a first league title in 19 years!