Mike is a 4th generation Canadian egg farmer, and was born and raised in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia.  As a child, my early experiences included: finding ways out of work, picking rocks in the field, and tussling with my brother in the egg room.  I survived these events, grew up, then went to the University of British Columbia and degreed in Honours History, then Education to become a schoolteacher.  In 2004, I found a way to become a farmer; I changed careers and moved to the prairies to raise chickens for Maple Leaf.  In 2013, things shifted again.  I joint ventured with a friend and built a farm known as “5Mile Mile Farms” – a farm 5 miles from nowhere.

Farming in Alberta has been both challenging and rewarding.  As a farmer, I’ve survived underperforming flocks, disease outbreaks and weather disasters.  Yet, I’ve also had the opportunity to Chair the Egg Farmers of Alberta, to serve on numerous egg and governmental committees, and to work with Burnbrae Farms as a Producer and Industry Liaison.  Life is tough but good.  I always remember this: “there are only three things that can kill a farmer: lightning, rolling over in a tractor, and old age.”