Megz Reynolds – Building Resiliency Together         

When was the last time you asked someone how they were truly doing and engaged in a raw conversation about real life?

‘Building Resiliency Together’ is a workshop designed to introduce participants to mental health in agriculture, highlight how to support ourselves and others, the importance of refilling our own cups and how to have conversations about mental health. This will be a “hands on” workshop with group exercises to engage participants and practice having conversations.

Megz has first hand experience in agriculture as a former grain farmer and is personally familiar with the unique challenges the industry faces. Through grassroots advocacy and policy work Megz has been part of creating change at a provincial, federal and global level, always with a focus on the mental health of producers and the industry as a whole. As the Executive Director of The Do More Agriculture Foundation, Megz is using her background and lived experience to continue the conversation, raise awareness for mental health in agriculture, create community, build and strengthen partnerships and do more for those in agriculture, their families and rural communities.