B Roberts – Poultry Research

B Hargis – Gut Function
B Hargis – Emerging Poultry Diseases with Limited Antibiotics

D Adewole – Industry Research Chair

Al Dam – Cooling Systems
Al Dam – Humane Handling

C Owens – White Striping and Woody Breast

D vanWallegham – Disinfection Lay Barn
D vanWallegham – Lay Breeder Barn Control

G Hebert – APC False layers

J Szkotnicki – Responsible Antimicrobial Use

K Price – How alternatives to AB work in gut

L Bielke – Opportunistic Diseases
L Bielke – Poultry Gut Microbiology

M Cockram – Broiler Transport

M Hofer – Transitioning to Avery Systems

MK Foy – Water Quality

S Caron – Bridging the Gap Between Consumer and Producer

Sasha van der Klein – Feeding Uniform Breeders